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An intergenerational group of female artists and art theorists

The group is democratic. It does not have a leader. All decisions are made jointly through discussions and voting.


Fraction – an intergenerational group of female artists and art theorists created in 2016 in Łódź. The group works at the Art & Documentation Association. Fraction gathers female artists working individually in the field of art on the borderline of such fields as installation art, performance, video-art, painting, sculpture or research as art. The group is democratic, it does not have a leader, all decisions are made jointly through talks and votes. The topics of interest to the group members include: feminist issues, activities in dialogue with a specific space (site-specific art).  The inspiration for the creation of the group were artistic workshops and a site-specific exhibition entitled Unpack Walizki / Koffer auspacken realised in the abandoned Koelmann Höfe factory in Frankfurt (Oder), to which Łódź artists were invited by Endmoräne – a group of German artists.  To date, Fraction has realised such events and exhibitions as Women Who Sit in Lodz. The Manifesto of Presence at the Manhattan Transfer gallery (2017), Łącze(ę)/Connection the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station (2018), PLEXUS at the Imaginarium gallery (2019), Fraction’s Diary at the Remedium gallery (2021) and Kafka’s Sisters at Bidermann Palace in Łódź (2021). The group also participated in artist-in-residence in CAT in Ustka crowned with the exhibition Female Beach / Fraction in a trip (2021).  

Fraction members: Monika Czarska, Alicja Kujawska, Roksana Kularska-Król, Anka Leśniak, Aurelia Mandziuk, Beata Marcinkowska, Marta Ostajewska

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