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The Woman Artist to Woman Artist project

The Woman Artist to Woman Artist project, initiated by Fraction, is a platform for creative exchange of ideas, reflection on art and presentation of works by women. The project aims at creating a network of relations, contacts and cooperation between female artists, which begins in Łódź – a city in the centre of Europe, where one of the first museums of modern art in the world was founded. It wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for for the initiative and determination of the artists: Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński. Thanks to their position and contacts with distinguished world avant-garde artists, they gathered a collection, which gave rise to the Museum of Art in Łódź and which is constantly overgrowing with new works, meanings and contexts. 

Woman Artist to Woman Artist is a project set in several contexts: Łódź artistic tradition, contemporary female artists connected with Łódź as well as Fraction’s cooperation with artists from other environments in Poland and abroad.  

The website and materials contained on it are the beginning of an intersubjective archive: a story about art, presentation of works and documentation of women’s activities. It comprises eight conversations between artists from Fraction and women artists associated with the Łódź artistic community, co-creating it in the past and today. 

Woman Artist to Woman Artist is an artistic and educational project which presents in an unconventional way the profiles of female artists and their activities, where art intertwines with everyday life and other roles: lecturers, art theorists, activists, mothers. It also presents artists’ working methods, learn more about their inspirations, working methods and the creative process. 

Eight interviews are eight stories about art co-authored by fifteen female artists.  

Fraction: Monika Czarska, Alicja Kujawska, Roksana Kularska-Król, Anka Leśniak, Aurelia Mandziuk, Beata Marcinkowska, Marta Ostajewska  

Invited artists: Aleksandra Chciuk, Aleksandra Gieraga, Justyna Jakóbowska, Barbara Kaczorowska,  Sasa Lubińska, Katarzyna Mądrzycka-Adamczyk, Anna Orlikowska, Jolanta Wagner

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